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Japan's Shigeru Ban wins Pritzker Architecture Prize Chicago Tribune
Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, who has used high-strength cardboard tubes to make temporary housing for victims of natural disasters and refugees fleeing conflicts, on Monday was named the 2014 winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the field's highest honor.   Read more .
BC city: Cyclists will play vital role in disaster response CBC
New Westminster Police, Fire and City officials will hold an event that is part bike rally and part emergency response drill.   Read more .
Woven disaster shelters are powered with sun-absorbing fabric (Treehugger)
In a recent article in Treehugger, "Innovative disaster shelters have run the gamut of materials like recyclable plastic, to flat pack wonders, to affordable bamboo homes that float when it floods   Read more .
Mystery Illness Kills 23 in Guinea
A mysterious illness has killed at least 23 people in southern Guinea in six weeks, but the disease has yet to be positively identified, the health ministry announced Thursday.   Read more .
We Are New York: "The Storm" Episode
Check out "The Storm"! A 25 minute episode of the We Are New York series geared towards English-language learners (ELL).   Read more .
The Healthcare Workforce Community of Interest is offering a webinar next week! March 25, 2014 online
This webinar, hosted by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, New England Region’s Healthcare Workforce Community of Interest, will be an overview of some lesser-known but equally valuable information resources maintained by the National Library of Medicine.   Read more .
Recommended Reading -- Disaster Bioethics: Normative Issues when Nothing is Normal, Editors: O'Mathuna DP, Gordijn B and Clarke M, Springer 2014.
This book provides an early exploration of the new field of disaster bioethics:examining the ethical issues raised by disasters. Healthcare ethics issues are addressed in the first part of this book. Large-scale casualties lead to decisions about who to treat and who to leave behind, cultural challenges, and communication ethics. The second part focuses on disaster research ethics.   Read more .
2014 Public Health Preparedness Summit. April 1-4, 2014, Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta Georgia
The Preparedness Summit is the premier national conference in the field of public health preparedness. The four-day annual event provides one of the only cross-disciplinary learning opportunities in the field and has evolved over time to meet the growing needs of the preparedness community. A diverse range of attendees includes professionals working in all levels of government (local, state, and federal), emergency management, volunteer organizations, and healthcare coalitions.   Read more .

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Disaster Life Support
Since 2008, Pacific EMPRINTS has been designated as the National Disaster Life Support Training Center-Pacific, one of only 35 regional centers in the U.S. Course offerings include AMA-approved Basic Disaster Life Support (BDLS), Advanced Disaster Life Support (ADLS), and Advanced Disaster Life Support - Instructor (ADLS - Instructor) taught by Hawaii-based, NDLS-certified instructors. 
A Natural Disasters Safety and Readiness Guide for Seniors in Hawaii
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