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Geospatial Information Technologies

Due to funding limitations, all future geospatial classes are cancelled until further notice. We appreciate your past support of these trainings.
Pacific EMPRINTS provides training and support on the use of geographic information systems (GIS), digital mapping, global positioning system (GPS), and related technologies, with special emphasis on emergency planning, emergency response, health, and public health applications. Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI) is the world’s leading developer of geographic information system software and technology. In June 2007, Pacific EMPRINTS received the “Special Achievement in GIS” award from ESRI for its contributions to global society and setting new precedents throughout the GIS community.
The GIS-enhanced training offered by EMPRINTS is extremely useful for operational incident management. Basic geographic and map literacy is increasingly becoming an essential skill of . These groups must understand where an emergency or outbreak is taking place, where victims can be treated in relation to locations of health resources, what areas need to be evacuated and to where via what routes, and where personnel and equipment can be strategically and safely staged. GIS and GPS technologies are now being embedded in health systems in ways that can dramatically enhance problem-solving and decision-making, and assist health professionals in identifying and responding more effectively to CBRNE terrorism and other public health emergencies. In addition to online GIS courses, face-to-face workshops exploring the role of GIS in emergency preparedness and response are available to health professionals.